Saturday, October 5, 2013

An Exhibition and Performance at the Symposium

   Suzanne Bellamy is an Australian artist and writer exhibiting internationally, working across text and image fusions, using printmaking, sculpture, performance, mixed media art practices. Her museum satire/women's history project "The Lost Culture of Women's Liberation, the Pre-Dynastic Phase 1969-74" was first exhibited in the mid 1990s at various conferences and venues in Australia and the USA, and has since evolved as an open form performance work/slide show presented in art schools, conferences and special events. Its core trope is an archaeological dig in 500 years time of a women's building site in Sydney, playing with shifting historical perceptions, actual archival material and constructed models.
   Bellamy works from a studio in southern NSW, is a Woolf and Stein published scholar, is currently completing a PhD on Australian Modernism at the University of Sydney. Her most recent exhibition was at the Acorn Gallery, Clemson University South Carolina 2013, where she was a Visiting Artist and Scholar. 

You can learn more about Suzanne's artistic practice from her website, and experience "The Lost Culture of Women's Liberation, the Pre-Dynastic Phase 1969-74" at the symposium by registering your attendance here.

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